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Our Vision & Mission


Lumber Remanufacturing: 
Western Red Cedar  //  Douglas Fir  //  Hemlock (Hem-Fir)  //  SPF


With over 30 years of experience in the custom remanufacturing lumber industry, we provide services for the domestic, metric, standard, and commercial markets at competitive & affordable prices.


The Vision: 

At Dhaliwal Cedar Ltd. we provide high-quality services and superior satisfaction to each customer based on their specific individual needs. 


Over the years we have realized that, being involved in the remanufacturing lumber industry the company must recognize the potential of innovating new ideas and adapting with technology.


As technology changes, we have implemented new and improved machinery at our plant to serve our customers better. With the new adaption of machinery, not only will it enhance the finished products for our customers; it will certainly be a game changer for our company.


Our Goal Today:

To be the leader in the custom remanufacturing

lumber industry in the Lower Mainland.

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