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Sunny Dhaliwal

President & Owner

At the age of 18, Sunny began working as an engineer in India. Shortly after at the age of 21 he became interested in becoming a heavy duty diesel mechanic. This interest in mechanical engineering led Sunny to come to Canada in 1986. A year later Sunny created and began his own company, Dhaliwal Cedar Ltd (DCL). At DCL he is known for his positive and hard working attitude. With his knowledgable background he has the ability to excel with hands on work. He has created a successful vision for generations to come and continues to grow and further enhance his company.

Kueen Dhaliwal
Chief Executive Officer

Kueen obtained her Bachlors Degree and her Master Degree at the age 22. After getting married, she began managing DCL while Sunny worked hands on with the operations of the business. Today, Kueen is a passionate and hard working woman that manages and operates Lisa Inventory System and bridges the communication between DCL and customers. Her work ethic and drive for the business makes her a passionate individual.

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